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A professional carpet repair is cost effective and beneficial to the environment.

If you require a high quality carpet repair to be carried out by a professional carpet repairman, then give yourself a pat on the back and a well done for finding Carpet Doctor here on the world wide web. The expert repairer at Carpet Doctor provide professional carpet repairs services for common accidents on carpets at home including a burn repair and every type of pet damage carpet repair wherever possible in the UK. Let us pause for thought for a second and ask ourselves Why replace a perfectly good quality fit-for-purpose lounge, stairs or bedroom carpets damaged by a small burn or the family pet cat or dog pulled tufted carpet threads out of the stairs carpets, when a professional repair service from a highly experienced Carpet Doctor could be the ideal solution. Contact us today for a speedy and efficient carpet repair service.

A high quality long-lasting carpet repair is price cost effective when it comes to choosing wether or not to replace or repair carpets damaged with a burn hole caused by either a dropped cigarette end, an iron burn from the iron falling off of the ironing board causing burn damage or a beloved pet cat or dog scratching away with their claws on the stairs and thresholds. The cost of a professional carpet repair can roughly work out to be a quarter of the price for a full carpeting replacement, including carpet installation fees. Carpet Doctor sells carpets but tries not too when a professional carpet repairman can provide a better option saving costs, waste and valuable time. An invisible professional carpet repair is what the experts at Carpet Doctor do best and with many years of knowledge and experience in the trade are pleased to ensure customer satisfaction by providing nothing less than a professional carpet repair service.

Carpet Doctor is an expert in carpet repair and has the tools, knowledge and know how to repair a wide variety of damage on carpets old and new including cat scratch, dog digs, torn or ripped carpet joins and seam repair and all common types of carpet burn repair damage such as a hot coal burn, spark, embers or a naked flame from an open fire source. Carpet Doctor can also repair a carpet burn hole by re-tufting, repair snag in carpet by re-threading and also provide a professional carpet patch repair using a high grade carpet repair tape. The most common types of a carpet burn repair can be caused by accidentally dropping a hot iron, saucepan, hair dryer, hair straighteners, drill bit or a cigarette burn that can be fixed, restored, secured and repaired permanently by using specialist crafting tools of the trade to aid a professional invisible carpet repair. Why replace? Repair!

Being an experienced carpet repairer since 1997, Carpet Doctor is proud to offer domestic and commercial carpet repairs services and is highly motivated by customer satisfaction. Not only is this specialist service cost price effective but also enviromentally friendly, saving you valuable time, money and unnecessary carpet waste. Every successful carpet repair carried out by Carpet Doctor is another good quality carpet fit-for-saved from going to a land-fill site.

The manager at Carpet Doctor is Roy Sandbrook. Roy is a professional mobile carpet repair man in Tamworth with a unique skill to fix, restore and repair pet damaged carpets and burnt carpet damage to an invisible standard with over 23 years of knowledge and experience at work providing mobile carpet repairs in Tamworth and around the UK. Carpet Doctor can repair every kind of carpet damage imaginable and successfully by using specialist tools and materials including high grade carpet repair tape, seaming adhesive for carpet joins in high traffic areas and various colours of carpet samples, swatches and yarn for mending damaged carpets in need of professional repairs.

Traditional textile materials including 100% natural hessian carpet repairing tape and a wide variety of worsted wool yarns are available at Carpet Doctor for the use of re-tufting axminster and wilton carpets, re-weaving berber carpets and repairing carpet burn holes, snags and burnt carpets damage. These materials used for professional carpet repairing are the experts choice and tools of the trade, which is of paramount importance to Carpet Doctor as they are required to help produce a permanent repair. Pet damaged carpets are what we repair best with a pet friendly service to boot. Cats love carpets, we love cats and Carpet Doctor is very aware of how much unspeakable damage a pet cat or dog can do to your carpets in the lounge, bedroom and stairs at home. Carpet Doctor has the know how to repair a multitude of carpet damage, holes, burns, rips, tears and torn carpet joins and seams to the highest standard. This unique brand of service can save a lot of valuable time and not to mention the expense of buying a new carpet replacement for the sake of a minor burn or pet damage that Carpet Doctor can repair, fix and restore back to its former glory, without the need to move any furniture..

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