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Expert Carpet Repairs in Birmingham.

Carpet Doctor provide a pet friendly service to repair carpet damage from cats and dogs.


Tamworth Carpets. Carpet Doctor

Welcome to the carpet repair Birmingham service expert Carpet Doctor. Operating from Tamworth and serving all Birmingham areas with professional carpet repairs, dry in no time carpet cleaning and expert carpet fitting services.

Carpet Doctor also provide a mobile carpet pattern book service in Tamworth with a plethora of Made in Britain carpet samples to choose from in the comfort of your own home. Axminster carpets and Wilton carpets supply and fitting on a quality underlay with installations carried out by expert carpet fitters in Birmingham and Tamworth.

Bespoke carpet repair tasks include burn repair from an iron or hair dryer burn damage, coal burn repair, re-tufting carpet snags and repair carpet hole, re-stretching carpet rucks and bumps, fixing carpet thresholds damaged by the family pet cat, dog, rabbit, parrot, degu, gerbil, ferret, hamster or a friendly mouse in the house.

Carpet repair and cleaning. Have your carpets repaired and cleaned in one visit by the professionals who also provide a mobile carpet repair and cleaning service to remove stubborn stains, fix carpet holes and repair burn damage at home.


Expert carpet repair services in Birmingham. Welcome to Carpet Doctor

Carpet Repair Service. Welcome to Carpet Doctor.

Carpet Repair and Fitting. Carpet Doctor.

Why replace a perfectly good quality carpet for the sake of a burn when Carpet Doctor can repair.
Don't replace, repair !
Carpet Repair and Cleaning in Birmingham. Carpet Doctor.

The expert Carpet Doctor services include carpet repair and cleaning in Birmingham. With a wealth of knowledge and 25 years experience in the carpet and flooring trade you can be confident of our premier carpet supply, repair and fitting services in all areas of Birmingham.

Carpet Doctor is on call for an emergency carpet repair. Carpets usually repaired within 24 hours with our speedy and efficient carpet repairing service. Carpet Doctor ensure client satisfaction by providing a professional and invisible repair.

Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham. Old & new carpets repairs and cleaning in one easy visit with a service in Birmingham that is second to none. So why not call the expert carpet repair Birmingham company Carpet Doctor for friendly help and advice to fix and repair burnt carpet fibres and he can repair carpets damage from rabbits, dogs and cats.. The professional Carpet Doctor always uses the best carpet repair tape in the form of natural hessian to ensure a permanent bond when seaming or re-tufting yarn which can also help to produce an invisible repair. The most common types of carpet repairing tasks that Carpet Doctor can fix include a burn repair, fix carpet holes and dents, pet damaged carpets repairs, re-tufting, commercial carpet repair, carpet snag repair, fix carpet threshold, torn carpet repairs, repairing carpet damage at threshold, repair burnt carpet, re-stretching carpet rucks, bumps, wrinkles, rips and removing stubborn stains. Contact the expert carpet repair Birmingham service Carpet Doctor repairers dedicated to providing you with professional carpet repairs.

The carpet repair Birmingham expert Carpet Doctor service repairs burn damaged carpets.

Here are some recent images of a cost effective service for carpet repairs in Birmingham. The first image shows a burnt carpet. A hot coal stone had fallen from the fireplace onto the carpet causing burn damage costing over £1000.00

An Invisible permanent carpet repair was performed and repaired in just under 60 minutes, at a fraction of the price of a full costly replacement, including uplift, removal and installation fees.

Coal Burn Repair
Coal Burn Repaired
Iron Burn
Iron Burn Repair