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Carpet Cleaning & Repair.

Carpet Doctor provide a pet friendly service to repair carpet damage from cat / dog.

Operating from Tamworth and serving all Birmingham areas with a professional carpet clean / repair service.

Bespoke carpet repairs include re-tufting designer carpets with intricate patterns.

Carpet Doctor takes pride in repairing burned carpet from an iron box and re-stretching carpet threshold damaged by dog, cat, rabbit, parrot, degu, gerbil, ferret, hamster or a friendly mouse in the house.

carpet pet damage repair

carpet repair from Parrot


Carpet repair and cleaning. Have your carpets repaired and cleaned in one freindly visit by the professionals who provide mobile carpet repairing / cleaning / re-stretching services in Tamworth.

Carpet Doctor specialise in carpet repair.

carpet repair service

Coal Burn Repair
Coal Burn Repaired
Iron Burn Carpet
Carpet Iron Burn Repair