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Re-tufting and Repair Skills Certificate. Carpet Doctor

Carpet Doctor is dedicated to providing a professional carpet repair and is highly motivated by customer satisfaction.

Using traditional methods and carpet manufacturing materials to perform an invisble repair is what Carpet Doctor does best.

Operating from Tamworth, Carpet Doctor is ideally situated in the heart of the midlands near Birmingham. Carpet Doctor is also a local respected retailer of quality carpets for supply and fit, by an expert carpet fitter in Tamworth.

Carpet Doctor studied advanced carpet repair skills in Birmingham and Kidderminster college with the NICF in 1992. After a few years training, the qualified carpet repairer was approved by The Academy of Flooring Skills - T.A.O.F.S

The manager of Carpet Doctor is Roy Sandbrook.

Roy Sandbrook. Carpet Doctor

Roy is a carpet fitter in Tamworth with a unique skill to fix burned carpet fibres by re-tufting. Daily tasks vary from fixing burns to spot cleaning & re-stretching carpets old and new.

Carpet Doctor provide mobile carpet repairs and is seen regularly on the highways of Great Britain providing high quality repairing services for designer carpets in hotels, motels, boats, trains, planes and automobiles around the UK.


Commercial carpet repairing / fitting / cleaning services UK.

Carpet Doctor can repair every kind of damage imaginable and successfully by using carpet repair tools, including the worlds best carpet repair tape made from natural hessian. High grade seaming adhesive is used for carpet joins in high traffic areas.

Traditional textile materials including 100% natural hessian carpet repair tape and a wide variety of worsted wool yarns are available from Carpet Doctor for the use of carpet re-tufting. These materials are the experts choice and tools of the trade, which is of paramount importance to Carpet Doctor as they are required to perform an invisible carpet repair.

Expert in re-tufting carpet.

Pet damage on carpets are also what the doc repairs best with a pet friendly service. Cats love carpets, we love cats and Carpet Doctor is very aware of how much unspeakable scratch damage a kitten can do to a lounge, bedroom, stair carpets at home.

Carpet Doctor has the know how to repair carpet holes, burns and fix loose carpet edges. This unique brand of service can save you a lot of valuable time and expense. Carpet Doctor can repair most types of carpet damage without the need to buy extra carpet or move any furniture.

carpet re-tufting

Gone are the days of replacing a carpet for the sake of a small burn when a professional carpet repair can quite often be the ideal solution.

If the carpet is damaged beyond repair, Carpet Doctor offer a wide range of hard wearing carpets to choose from in the comfort of your home. Just ask about the choose at home mobile pattern book and free measuring service by an expert carpet installer.

The works van carries a wide range of samples and accessories including underlay, gripper rods and profile door trims for that perfect installation or repair. Carpet Doctor uses only specialist tools for all types of carpet repair.

To repair a small carpet hole such as a cigarette burn or coal burn, Carpet Doctor can provide a professional carpet re-tufting service. Tufts of yarn can be carefully plucked from the edges of the fitted carpet and re-tuft the yarn back into the burnt area. Assuring you of an ideal colour match and invisible repair.

For a match and patch carpet repair, a donor piece of carpet can sometimes be found onsite. If a donor carpet sample can not be found to match the patch repair, Carpet Doctor can sometimes provide a swatch from a selection of carpet samples on the works van which can also be utiliesed for a professional patch repair.

This is what you are saying about us..

" I searched for a carpet repair near me and found Carpet Doctor. " Mrs Atkinson. Birmingham.

" Roy is fantastic and very professional. He had carpet repaired in no time at all."  Sharon Pearce.

" My dog chewed our carpet up which was patternened and would have needed a replacement. However, Roy was very clever and a managed to match it and repair it. Very pleased with the repair done, saved us a ton of money and time. Roy is a nice chap to talk to as well, thank you Roy!"  Luke James

" Roy did a fantastic job you cant even tell that the carpet has been repaired thank you so much.
Very friendly and reliable service would recommend Carpet Doctor to anyone."
Gareth Moore

Welcome to The Award Winning Carpet Doctor 

 Awards. Carpet Doctor

Carpet Doctor is truly honoured to win the Businessman of the Year award at the Radio Tamworth awards ceremony held at Drayton Manor in Tamworth.

The award was presented to Roy Sandbrook by popular TV & Radio personalities Paul Ross and Alex Farrell.

" Thank you Tamworth. I am deeply humbled to receive this award for Businessman of the Year " 

Roy Sandbrook. Carpet Doctor.

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