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Established 1995, Carpet Doctor has travelled around the UK providing nothing less than a rather unique carpet repair service and specialise in re-tufting carpet burn repairs, Once the repair in the carpet is complete you can treat as normal with the use of vaccuming and cleaning. Carpet Doctor can assure you of a professional and permanent repair that will last the lifetime of the carpet. This clever method can save you time and unnecessary costs to replace the entire area when a professional carpet repair will more than suffice.

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carpet burn repair  carpet burn repair service.

Over 25 years experience in carpet repairs. Carpet Doctor.

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Carpet Doctor is an expert in carpet repair and has the tools, knowledge and know howto repair carpets old and new from a cat scratching the stair carpet treads, dog digs in doorways, torn carpet joins and common carpet burn repair damage such as a spark or a naked flame from an open fire source burning the carpet.

Repairing a carpet hole by re-tufting, fitting carpets and operating a patch repair using high grade carpet repair tape to aid an invisible repair is all in a days work for Carpet Doctor.

Why replace?  Repair!

Burn repair carpet burn repairs

Being an experienced carpet repairer since 1997, Carpet Doctor is proud to offer domestic and commercial carpet repairs services and is highly motivated by customer satisfaction. Not only is this specialist service cost price effective but also environmentally friendly, saving you valuable time, money and unnecessary carpet waste. Every successful carpet repair carried out by Carpet Doctor is another good quality carpet restored and rescued from going landfill.

Below is a selection of carpet repair images taken by Carpet Doctor over the past 25 years repairing domestic carpets in Tamworth, Nuneaton, Atherstone, Rugby and commercial carpets in offices around Birmingham, Manchester and London areas.

Carpet Repairs UK.

Carpet Repairs in Birmingham, Derby, Manchester, London, UK.

The expert Carpet Doctor also offers a professional carpet repair in Tamworth near Lichfield, Burton on Trent, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Rugeley, Stoke, Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Rugby, Hinkley, Nuneaton, Polesworth, Dordon.