Carpet stair repair

Carpet stair repair tools you will need to fix the loose carpet on stairs include tape measure, hammer, bolster, utility knife & scissors.

1. Remove any furniture that is on the stairs. 

2. Trim the carpet threads that are within the damaged area with duck billed precision knapping scissors.

3. Carefully peel out the damaged carpet away from the stairs to inspect the underlay stair pads.

4. Replace the damaged carpet stair pads individually with a good quality underlay and a new donor carpet that matches the existing stair carpet.

5. Trim and Lay the new carpet on the stairs with utility knife and match up the edges of the new carpet with the edges of the remaining stair carpet.

6. Stretch and trim the new carpet so it fits properly.

7. Secure the new carpet to the stairs by using new or exsisting carpet grippers. This will secure the new carpet to the stairs.

8. Re-attach any furniture that was moved.


stair carpet repairs 

Stair carpet repair carried out by an expert carpet fitter.

A dent or hole in your stair carpet at the top, middle or bottom of the staircase can be fixed with carpet fitting tools.


 stair carpet repairing

Carpet Doctor can fix loose carpet on stairs with a simple stretch and tuck service.

My carpet repair service videos on TikTok --->  Carpet repairs on TikTok.