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The carpet repair images you are about to see on this website are real, genuine and organic. All carpet repairs carried out by the expert Carpet Doctor in Tamworth Birmingham & the UK.

A professional carpet repair by the expert Carpet Doctor is cost effective & carbon negative.

Replacing a carpet is a huge investment and a massive upheaval, compared with the fact that a professional invisible carpet repair is cost efficient. It's not rocket surgery. It's actually carbon negative. So why replace a perfectly good quality carpet for the sake of a small burn hole or carpet damage from cats and dogs when a professional cost efficient carpet repair service carried out by an expert Carpet Doctor is the ideal remedy. The carpet repair costs vary with each repair. Most repairs will often cost a lot less more than the price of a new carpet.

 The pet friendly Carpet Doctor is no stranger to animals and can repair carpet damage from cats and dogs at home. So should you ever require a high quality long-lasting carpet repair to be carried out by a professional carpet repairman with over 25 years experience repairing carpets in Tamworth and Birmingham areas,  Welcome to Carpet Doctor.

Established since 1997, the expert repairer at Carpet Doctor provide nothing less than a truly outstanding professional and cost effective carpet repairing service for common accidents on carpets at home, including a burn repair and all types of pet damage carpet repairs imagineable. Gone are the days of replacing a perfectly good quality fit-for-purpose lounge, stairs or bedroom carpets damaged by a small burn or the family pet cat or dog pulled tufted carpet threads out of the stairs carpets, when a professional repair from a highly experienced Carpet Doctor can quite often have the ideal solution with a repair that will be long-lasting for the lifetime of the carpet.

The manager at Carpet Doctor is Roy Sandbrook. Roy is a professional mobile carpet repair Tamworth man with a unique skill to fix holes in carpets, restore a stubborn stain with spot cleaning remedies and repair carpet damage caused by a kitten, cat, puppy dog and repair burnt carpet fibre damage to an invisible standard. Carpet Doctor has a full time occupation as a carpet repairman and is seen regularly out and about on the highways and byways of Great Britain providing mobile carpet repairs in Tamworth and Birmingham. Carpet Doctor can repair every kind of carpet damage imaginable and successfully by using specialist tools and materials including best carpet repair tape, hessian, seaming adhesive for carpet joins in high traffic areas and various colours of carpet samples, swatches and yarn for mending and re-tufting carpet holes, burn, thread pulls and snags in need of a professional repair by Carpet Doctor.

Traditional textile materials including 100% natural hessian carpet repair tape and a wide variety of worsted wool yarns are available at Carpet Doctor for the use of re-tufting axminster, wilton, re-weaving berber carpets and repairing burn, hole, snag and burnt carpet damage fix repair. These materials used for professional carpet repairing are the experts choice and tools of the trade, which is of paramount importance to Carpet Doctor as they are required to help produce a permanent repair. Pet damaged carpets are what we repair best with a pet friendly service to boot. Cats love carpets, we love cats and Carpet Doctor is very aware of how much unspeakable damage a pet cat or dog can do to your carpets in the lounge, bedroom and stairs at home. Carpet Doctor has the know howto repair a multitude of carpet damage, holes, burns, rips, tears and torn carpet joins and seams to the highest standard. This unique brand of service from the carpet repair Birmingham company Carpet Doctor can save you a lot of valuable time and not to mention the expensive cost of buying a new carpet replacement for the sake of a minor burn or pet damage that Carpet Doctor can repair, fix and restore back to its former glory, without the need to move any furniture.

 Contact us today for a cost effective carpet repair in Tamworth, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Bournville, Digbeth, Edgbaston, and we also repair carpet damagefrom cats and dogs in Saltley, Newtown, Eastside, plus provide a mobile carpet burn repair service in Aston, Kings Heath, Moseley, Solihull, Bromsgrove and Redditch services areas.

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