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Pet damage carpet repair


Carpet Doctor can repair/refit a pet damaged carpet with re-tufting and re-stretching tools to suit each individual carpet repairing/fitting task. This includes mending torn carpet edge in doorway and tightening those loose fitted carpets damaged by a family pet dog or cat, on the staircase. The first pet damage carpet repair service that Carpet Doctor carried out was in 1996. A puppy had ripped up the stairs carpet in a town house in Tamworth. The eager pup had also torn a strip of carpet from the kitchen door and chewed a hole in the lounge carpet all the way down to the underlay, while the owner had gone to the shops. The invisible repairs where all carried out in a short time and assured to last the lifetime of the carpet.

Carpet Doctor specialise in repairing pet damaged carpets in Tamworth, Birmingham and around the UK.

pet damage carpet repair