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Carpet repair is cost effective. Carpet repair news. This just in, Professional carpet repairs are cost efficient.

Damaged carpet caused from dog. This cute pet pooch chewed some nibbles out of the owners lounge carpet and pulled out tufts of yarn creating a gaping hole and causing major damage by the threshold door. This is a common carpet repair that can be restored and repaired by Carpet Doctor, using professional tools and high quality carpet repair tape for a long-lasting invisible carpet repair. The cost for a full replacement carpet would have been roughly 4 times the amount of the price for a professional carpet repair.

pet damage carpet repair  

Pet damage carpet repair.

 carpet repaired pet damage

Carpet repaired from pet damage.

A good quality carpet repair carried out by an expert carpet repairer can save you time and money and is completely hassle free, which means there is no need to move any carpets or furniture for the repair.

Dog dig carpet repair

Another satisfied customer and another good quality fit for purpose carpet repaired and saved from going to a land fill site.

puppy damaged carpet


Carpet repair pet damage.


Tamworth carpet supply and fitting services.

Carpet pet damage Repairs by Carpet Doctor.

And the winner is.. Carpet Doctor

And the winner is.. Carpet Doctor