Iron burn carpet repair

Iron burn carpet repair.

A professional carpet repair man can fix melted carpet fibres burned from an iron with a long-lasting patch repair. A donor piece of carpet can be inserted and welded to repair the carpet burn damage.

Another satisfied customer searching for iron burn carpet burn repair service and finding Carpet Doctor to provide a professional and cost effective carpet repairing service.

After our son accidentally burnt our new carpet with an iron we thought we would have to go to the expense of having the whole carpet replaced until we found this carpet repair company.

Carpet Doctor arrived on time, polite & efficient and now our carpet is repaired which looks like new. We would highly recommend this service to anyone needing a carpet burn repair service.

Thank you. Mr & Mrs Channing - Burton on Trent. 


Iron burn carpet repairs.

carpet iron burn repair   

Iron burn carpet repair is cost effective.


Carpet burn repairs costs less than buying a new carpet. Don`t replace - repair with Carpet Doctor.