How to repair carpet burns

How to repair carpet burns, by re-tufting and how to fix melted carpet from an iron with a seamless patch repair. Welcome to Carpet Doctor.

A typical carpet burn mark at home can be commonly caused by an iron, hot coals, scorch marks from fire, charred cigarette burn and hair styling tools melting the carpet. These common types of carpet repairs can be done succesfully without the need to buy any extra carpet.

A tiny melted piece of carpet damaged by a cigarette end or soldering iron can be repaired by plucking out the burn damage, dropping in a small blob of latex adhesive and carefully inserting tufts of new carpet into the hole with tweezers. 

The most common questions people ask is how to fix melted carpet spots from cigarette, candle wax, iron burn or hairdryer. How to repair carpet without extra carpet.

The best way to repair carpet burnt from a cigarette is to carefully pick out the melted fibres and then fill the hole with tufts of carpet taken from the edges or corner of a room.

A recommended carpet latex adhesive can be used to secure the carpet fibres in place and ensure a good fix.

Latex adhesive is the experts choice for sealing carpet edges during installation, carpet joins / seams and re-tufting.

Super glue is good for a quick fix but will not last. Repairing a carpet burn hole with super glue is likely to harden and leave a lump in the carpet which can be felt under foot.

Carpet latex adhesive is used in carpet manufacturing and is the experts choice for carpet installs and repairs.

Carpet burn repairs include wax candle, incense stick burn, hair dryer scorch, sparks from fire source and workman tools melting the carpet fibres.

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Carpet repairing tips and tricks.

To attempt a diy carpet patch repair you will need a utility knife, ruler, hessian tape, latex adhesive for a permanent bond and a matching piece of carpet for an invisible repair.  

carpet burn repair     carpet burn fix


Coal burn repairs are cost effective. Why replace the whole lounge carpet for the sake of a small burn when a professional repair is the remedy.

coal burn carpet repair     coal burn fix

Carpet patch repair Tip - Do not cut out a circle.

For a carpet burn patch repair you will need to carefully trim out the burnt area with a utility knife and a straight edge to follow the warp and weft of the weave.

Always best to cut a square out of your carpet and not a circle. Cutting a circle out of your carpet to repair will shred the edges and look obvious when plugged. 

carpet burn   carpet burn repaired

Using the ruler, make a square impression around the burn mark by sliding the rule into the carpet to frame out the tufts. Once you have made a framed impression in the carpet, use this frame as a guide to to cut into and carefully trim out the patch.

You can use the patch you have cut out as a template for cutting a new patch but allowing 2mm extra wide on each of the four edges when trimming for the template. This will be a good filler for the new carpet patch repair. Place the donor carpet into the empty patch and marry up the edges following the waffle weave on the back of the carpet.

For bonding the new patch you will need to paste up the hessian tape with latex adhesive and position underneath the edges of the carpet for contact with the donor.

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