How to repair carpet burn

How to repair carpet burn.

1. Carefully trim off any loose or damaged fibers that may be surrounding the carpet burn hole.

2. Cut a small square piece around the perimeter of the burnt area with a utility knife, Or pluck out the charred fibres with tweezers if the burn is really small.

3. Apply a latex carpet adhesive onto hessian carpet repair tape and allow to cure for 5 minutes.

4. Template a small square piece of matching carpet. A square carpet patch repair is far more likely to be seamless.

5. Place the hessian tape inside the square patch and drop in the template you made earlier.

6. Trim away any excess fibres by using duck billed carpet knapping scissors.

7. Finish by brushing the area of the patch.

8. Allow to settle for 24 hours before vaccumming and cleaning for a longer lasting carpet burn patch repair.

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Carpet Doctor uses only traditional methods and materials for long lasting carpet burn patch repair.