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Carpet repair specialists. Carpet Doctor. Established 1997.

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Carpet burn repair.

Carpet Doctor specialise in carpet repair.

Mobile carpet repair specialist with carpet tools to perform an invisible repair.

Carpet repairs cost less than buying new carpets.

Why replace a fully fitted carpet for the sake of minor damage when a professional carpet repair is more likely to be cost effective.

Welcome to Carpet Doctor, your local carpet repair specialist in Tamworth Staffordshire. The Carpet Doctor works van is often seen out and about providing mobile carpet repairs around the UK for a specific burn repair or specialist re-tufting service.

Wherever it proves to be price cost efficient Carpet Doctor can repair almost any carpet almost anywhere. All makes of carpets repaired by an expert carpet fitter.

The most common types of carpet repairing tasks include cleaning / re-stretching / patching / retufting.

Carpet Doctor has the tools to repair a broken join by re-seaming with the best hessian carpet repair tape.

Split carpet joins in high traffic areas can be repaired / re-seamed back together using a seam iron which does not burn the carpet.

Did you know that Carpet Doctor can also fix a cigarette burn hole by plucking out the burnt charred fibres and then re-tufting new carpet yarn back in place to complete an invisible repair. Tis true!

Re-tufting carpets is what the experts at Carpet Doctor does best, with a steady hand, a keen eye and attention to detail.

Replacing a carpet is a huge investment and a massive upheaval, compared with the fact that the low price of a professional repair is cost efficient. It's not rocket surgery. It's actually carbon negative. Why consider replacing a perfectly good quality carpet for the sake of a small burn hole or damage from a family pet when a cost effective repair can often be the ideal remedy. 

The most common questions people ask Carpet Doctor about a carpet repairing is - How much does a carpet repair cost ?  Can wool carpet be repaired ? How to re-tuft carpet ? How to repair pet carpet damage from cat / dog ?

Carpet Doctor has over 25 years of knowledge & experience in carpet repair and will gladly answer questions on how to repair the carpet on-site.

The repair quotes and costs may vary with each individual task. Rest assured the repair from Carpet Doctor cost less than the price of purchasing new carpet supply and fit, including the costs for delivery and installation fees.

This rather unique pet friendly service is also no stranger to animals being an expert pet damage carpet repairer. Repairing carpet damage from cat scratch on stairs to dog digs in threshold / doorway is a daily task for Carpet Doctor.

Contact us today for a complete mobile carpet repair and cleaning service.

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Carpet Doctor is a carpet burn repair specialist and can repair burnt carpet fibres by re-tufting.

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