Cat Scratch Carpet Repair

Cat scratch carpet repair.


Carpet damage caused by cats scratching can appear unsightly, but it’s possible to repair the damage without replacing the carpet.


Here are 7 steps to repair carpet from cat scratch damage:


1. Trim any loose yarns or fibers around the damaged area with duck billed knapping scissors.

2. Use a small vacuum cleaner or lint roller to remove any visible debris, including cat hair and dust.

3. Check the damage for pulled fibers or loops, and gently place the carpet fibers back into place by using a pair of tweezers if necessary.

4. Apply a latex seam adhesive to some hessian tape and bond to the backing around the damaged area. 

5. Once the latex adhesive and hessian tape are in place, use a tufting gun or needle & thread to re-tuft any missing or pulled fibers.

6. Gently massage the repaired area with a carpet seam roller to blend in the repaired fibers to the rest of the carpet.

7. Allow the carpet patch repair, seam repair or tufted fibres to cure thoroughly for about 24 hours before vacuuming or cleaning the repaired area.

Following these steps should help you to restore your carpet from cat scratch damage. However, if the damage is too extensive, it’s best to contact a professional carpet repair service for assistance with Carpet Doctor.

Since 1997, Carpet Doctor uses traditional methods and trusted materials to repair cat scratch and common pet damage carpets at home.

A cat scratching carpet doorway can be repaired to an invisible standard as shown below.