Carpet supply and fit.

Carpet Supply and Fit.
Operating from our tidy little office base in Tamworth Carpet Doctor offers a fine selection of carpet supply/repair and fitting services. We also carry carpet samples for a complete mobile supply and fit carpet service with a range of benefits and cost price efficient discounts for senior citizens.

Carpet Doctor a highly rated and competitive carpet repair and fitting company in Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK.


Every new carpet deserves a new underlay. What is underlay I hear you say? Put quite simply, underlay provides a protective cushion underneath your carpet which is also excellent for sound proofing and a good provider of insulation in the UK winter months.


Most modern types of eco friendly underlay is made from recycled materials including wool from old carpets, air foam, rubber crumb & cotton felt. Underlay is a good protector not only for the carpet but also for the sub-floor making it energy efficient. Carpet Doctor is happy to help and advise which underlay to choose for each location which will help prolong the life of your new interior carpets immediately after installation. A variety of carpet fitting tools and accessories including profile door trims, gripper rods, and carpet repair tape for joins and seams in high traffic areas are available from Carpet Doctor. Just ask the carpet technician on the day of installation which type of carpet accessories you require for the perfect finish.


We don't just supply and fit carpets in Tamworth we also repair, being the first carpet repair company in Tamworth to launch a website back in 1997 for carpet repairs in Tamworth and the UK. This award winning website was actually born out of an idea by the manager Roy Sandbrook in 1995. Roy had a Eureka moment after a long apprenticeship in carpet fitting, with an idea to repair carpets and rescue/save them from going to landfil. Why replace ? Repair ! The site was then launched as a one page website as Restretch Roy the Carpet Doctor and registered in 1999 for a professional carpet repair and fitting service in Tamworth, covering Birmingham and the UK during the beginning of the year 2000. Since then Carpet Doctor has fixed, fitted and repaired every kind of carpet one could think of including office, hotel, residential, commercial aircraft, ship, boat, RV & cars around the UK with great care, pride and attention for a fine finish in detail. This is testiment to why Carpet Doctor is proud to be the number one carpet repair service in Tamworth, UK.



We do not discriminate and will kindly take care and adhere to government guidelines by maintaining social distancing while providing a carpet supply and fit. The same rule also applies for when we are providing a professional carpet repair or a specialist carpet cleaning service in Tamworth and around the UK.