Carpets Repair & Refit

Carpet repair / refit service.

Luxury carpets can stay looking better than ever before with Carpet Doctor at your service. We provide mobile carpet repair / refit and cleaning services in Tamworth.

Tips on Carpet Stain Removal. 

Start as soon as you can but  Do Not Rub the stain vigorously, this will only grind the problem deeper into the yarn! Use a clean non-colourfast cloth or tea towel to Dab and Soak up from the outside of the stain towards its centre. Repeat this task briefly then gently comb the pile of the carpet up as it dries. If all else fails and the stain is too rich or too deep and re-occurs through piling, please do make an appointment for an expert carpet repair and carpet cleaning service from Carpet Doctor of Tamworth.

Carpet repairing and cleaning services.

Carpet cleaning Tamworth

Carpet cleaning in Tamworth
Carpet cleaning Tamworth.
Carpet Doctor offers free advice on how to repair a loose carpet tuft, thread or snag.

Carpet Cleaning and Repair Services Tamworth.

When a carpet is first fitted it is likely to throw fluff to the surface, this is perfectly normal all you are seeing are strands of fibres that were trapped in the manufacturing process being released. All that is necessary is to vacuum the carpet frequently, it may be necessary to do this every day for the first week or so. Fitted carpets in areas where people are likely to bring in grit from outside such as a hall should be vacuumed more often. It is worth using a good quality cotton doormat with a rubber underline available from Carpet Doctor to keep entrances clean and tidy.

Sometimes a loose thread can appear at the edge of a carpet needing repair.

If it does, take a pair of sharp scissors and trim it carefully. Do not, under any circumstances pull the thread as this could result in damage to the carpet so please take care. It can be repaired and cleaned by Carpet Doctor.

Click here for HOW TO REPAIR CARPET video guide on Youtube.

Carpet repairing and cleaning services.

A professional carpet repair is cost effective.