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Carpet Repairs in Tamworth.




Tamworth carpet repairs. Carpet Doctor is a professional carpet repairman in Tamworth with skills to fix, mend and repair all kinds of carpet damage at home. Common carpet damage repairs carried out daily by Carpet Doctor Tamworth, including an iron burn repair, torn carpet seam and join repairs, re-stretching a fraying threshold, re-tufting, axminster carpets, cigarette burn repair and our beloved domestic pets damaging the carpet with their sharp teeth and claws which we ensure can be repaired to the highest standard. Domestic carpet repairs are a daily occupation with Carpet Doctor providing high quality carpet repairs in Tamworth, including common types of pet damage and carpet burn repair services, carried out by an experienced repairer in the flooring trade. Carpet Doctor is ideally based in the heart of England for local carpet repair work in Tamworth and is only a few hours away from the major cities to travel the compass to provide a professional mobile carpet repair service.

Commercial carpet repairs are a field of work that Carpet Doctor has great experience in, being established as a professional carpet repairer, servicing and repairing  commercial carpets in Hotels, Banks, Government buildings, Ships, Aircraft and business offices around the UK.


Carpet Doctor is proud to receive an award of Tamworth businessman of the year, for providing nothing less than a professional, cost effective, pet and eco friendly carpet repair service

Every successful carpet repair in Tamworth carried out by Carpet Doctor is another good quality fit for purpose carpet repaired, rescued and saved from going to landfill. Why replace a carpet with small damage when it can be repaired by the experts at carpet repair Tamworth business Carpet Doctor on call for you. Dont replace, repair!



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