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Birmingham Carpet Repairs.

Carpet Doctor to the rescue with another professional carpet repair Birmingham specialist service. 

Another satisfied customer searching for carpet repairs in Birmingham and finding the expert repairer at Carpet Doctor to provide a professional, cost effective, invisible carpet repair.

With a wealth of knowledge and carpeting experience Carpet Doctor offers professional carpet repairs and fitting services across Birmingham, Redditch and Warwick. Carpet Doctor specialises in repairing burn damage on carpets, re-stretching carpet rucks and bumps, re-tufting and re-threading carpet pulls, snags and re-tufting hole repairs. The image below shows how this carpet damage was caused by securing a mobile stair-lift and drilling into a berber threaded carpet. The drill would have caught a snag or thread of carpet, forcing it to pull out from the hessian backing and then continue to wrap itself around the hot drill bit and pulling threads out of the fitted carpet which then would look like it was damage beyond repair. The stair-lifts company quickly recognised the problem and after a quick search for carpet repair Birmingham Carpet Doctor was duly appointed to perform an invisible repair at a cost effective price which equated to be a fraction of the price for a brand new hall stairs and landing carpet installation replacement costing well over a thousand pounds.

berber carpet repair   berber carpet repairs  

For cost effective carpet repairs in Birmingham contact the experts at Carpet Doctor. This Midlands based expert carpet repair man promises to deliver miraculous results with a bespoke service. Carpet Doctor has the tools, knowledge, experience and the ability to repair a wide variety of carpet damage to an invisible standard. The most common types of carpet repairs include pet damage on the stairs, cat scratch doorway, repairing carpet holes, re-stretching, Axminster carpets, carpet burn repair, re-stretching carpets old and new.  Carpet Doctor is dedicated to performing an invisible repair, using the experts tools of the trade for domestic and commercial carpet repairs services in Birmingham.

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Below is a recent Testimonial for a carpet repair in Birmingham city centre.

"Roy quoted us a very good price and has done a fantastic job on repairing the carpet damage caused by the cat. You would never have known anything was there. Roy was helpful, friendly and honest and i would have no problem recommending him for professional carpet repairs in Birmingham City Centre.

Steven Adams. Upper Marshall St, The Mailbox, Birmingham B1.

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