Carpet repair in Solihull.

Carpet Repair Solihull.

Today I provided a professional and invisible carpet repair in Solihull. The owner of the property did a quick search on Google for a professional carpet repair service in Solihull and found Carpet Doctor. The gentleman had used a heat shield glove to pick up a hot metal fan wind vane from the top of their new fireplace and then accidentally placed it onto the lounge carpet and melting it down to the hessian, causing a black burnt square patch in front of the new fireplace where the new carpet was recently fitted. The gentleman also said that it was not easy to pull the melted object out of the carpet. After a few minutes cooling down the wind fan vane was tugged out of the carpet leaving an awful black melted patch in need of a Carpet Doctor to provide a professional invisible repair. This carpet repair in particular proved to be very cost effective. The lounge carpet replacement would have cost over a thousand pounds, compared to the price of a professional repair which costs a fraction of the price for the replacement, including expert carpet fitting and installation fees. Carpet Doctor is a well established mobile carpet repairman offering expert carpet repairs for burn damage and pet damaged carpets that require a professional repair in Solihull.



Contact the experts at the carpet repair Birmingham business Carpet Doctor to provide you with a cost effective professional invisible permanent carpet repair service in Solihull.