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Carpet repair service in Birmingham. My first experience of providing a professional carpet repair in Birmingham was back in 1997 after a long term apprenticeship as a carpet fitter. It was also my first year in self-employment trading as a carpet repairer and installation service. An appointment was booked for a carpet burn repair where the lady had accidently dropped a hot iron onto a brand new carpet. This simple little accident caused a black burned triangle imprint right in the middle of the lounge. This is typically a common accident on carpets at home and one that can be repaired invisibly without the need to remove any furniture. I had nearly done the same thing myself, getting the tangled cable wrapped around both my legs and the ironing board legs - what a palava ironing is! But this made me aware that by dropping or even gently placing an iron or any other hot object such as a hot saucepan, hair dryer or curling wand onto a soft carpet, the results would be that it is likely to melt and cause unspeakable damage. The cosmetics world now supply heat mats with their hair dryers and hair tongues but not everybody uses them. Then it's time to either work out the cost price of a new carpet or be clever enough just like you are, to search and find Carpet Doctor, for a cost effective professional carpet burn repair service.

Iron burn carpet repair  iron burnt carpet damage repair

When I received the call to provide a carpet repair in Birmingham, I used the same traditional materials that I still use today for seamless carpet repairs including carpet repair tape in the form of Hessian, heat-seaming equipment, sealant glue to prevent carpet edges from fraying, a steady hand and most importantly, a keen eye for detail. Having the correct tools for the trade is of paramount importance for a professional carpet repair. They are essential to aid a seamless invisible repair. This method is the only trusted way to repair a carpet permanently, by using the same materials that a carpet is traditionally made from, to produce a perfect repair on all types of pet damaged carpets at home.

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There is a certain skill involved when cutting a patch of carpet out of the centre of a customer's beige lounge carpet. An even greater skill is required to seam a piece of carpet perfectly back together. But it can be done professionally and is proven to be cost effective. It is not rocket science; why go to the task of replacing a carpet for the sake of a small burn, thread pull, carpet snag or pet damage when an expert carpet repair service could be the alternative solution?

carpet repair in Birmingham  Carpet repairs in Birmingham

Carpet Doctor has achieved over 25 years of knowledge and experience providing expert carpet repairs in Birmingham, including an iron burn carpet repair, pet damaged carpets repairs, Incense stick burn carpet repair, cigarette burn carpet repair, hair dryer burn carpet and cat or dog scratched carpet repairs. Carpet Doctor is the local professional for carpet repairs in Birmingham working 6 days a week. Recently appointed for professional carpet repairs at the Beehive, Masshouse Plaza and commercial carpet repair for Penta Hotels in Birmingham, plus commercial offices at the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham city centre.