Carpet Repair Nuneaton.

Carpet repair Nuneaton.

Carpet Doctor to the recue with a professional carpet repair service in Nuneaton.

Carpet Doctor is proud to be of service for professional carpet repairs at Gamecock Barracks, nestled in the woodlands of the quaint little village Wolvey in Nuneaton.


Professional carpet repairing tasks included burn damage repairs caused by burning wood embers and hot coal ashes falling onto the carpet. An Invisible Repair was acheived in just under 60 minutes at a fraction of the cost of a brand new carpet replacement, and without the need to move any furniture. Professional invisible repair like it was never there. Plus the repair is permanant and will withstand moderate wear and tear, foot fall, vaccum and general cleaning.


Carpet fitting works included uplift exsisting carpets and install entrance matt in the regimental private quarters.

Carpet Doctor is proud to be of service for military bases around the UK, including RAF Benson, RAF Lakenheath, Brandon Airbase, The Sergeant's Mess, Staffordshire Regiment and more recently honoured to be of service at Gamecock Barracks in Nuneaton.


Professional carpet repairs are carbon neutral friendly and highly cost effective with the specialist from Carpet Doctor at your service. Contact us for a free carpet repair quotation. Carpet Doctor offers professional repairs in Nuneaton.