Carpet burn repair

Carpet burn repair.

carpet burn repair  carpet burn repaired

Specialist carpet burn repairer with over 25 years experience in repairing a multitude of burnt carpets. Including burnt carpet damage from a hot object being placed / dropped onto carpet. These common types of burned carpet repairs occur from iron burn, cigarette burn, hairdryer burn, curling wand burn, shisha coals and sparks from an open fire source burning the carpet.

 carpet burn repair  carpet burn repairer

A small burn hole in the carpet can be a real nuisance. Especially if it has burnt carpet fibres on a fairly new beige carpet where an iron burn mark just looks like a small dark triangle in the middle of the dining room or a guest had accidently dropped a cigarette or an incence stick onto the red carpet in the lounge at a family party during the weekend causing unspeakable damage. All is not lost lost when trying to remedy these common carpet accidents at home.  A professional carpet burn repair is cost effective with Carpet Doctor at your service. We can repair carpet burn damage with an invisible finish that will last the lifetime of the carpet. Repairing burnt carpet damage caused by a hot spark, saucepan, bulb or heater device melting the carpet is what Carpet Doctor does best. So when you need a professional carpet burn repair service, contact the expert in carpet repairs since 1997. Carpet Doctor









Carpet Doctor provide a cost effective carpet burn repair & cleaning services.