Carpet burn repair

Carpet burn repair. A carpet burn repair specialist can fix and restore burnt or scorched carpet hole, rip, divot and dents by re-tufting. 

carpet burn repair 

Carpet burn repair specialists with over 25 years experience in repairing burned carpet. Common types of domestic carpet burn repairs include scorched carpet from a candle, iron, cigarette, hairdryer, curling wand, household heater, drill bit, a hot pan or coal embers and sparks from an open fire source, all of which can be fixed.

 carpet burn repair  carpet burn repairer

Hair dryer burn in carpet can be repaired by using traditional carpet tools and materials that the carpet is made from.

A small burn hole in the carpet can be a real nuisance, especially if it has burnt or charred the carpet fibres causing unspeakable damage. All is not lost lost when trying to remedy these common carpet accidents at home.  A professional carpet burn repair is cost effective. The carpet repairer can fix burn marks with an invisible finish that will last the lifetime of the carpet without buying new carpets. Repairing burnt carpet damage caused by a hot saucepan, bulb or heater device is what the experts do best.


Hot pan burn damage on kitchen carpet can be repaired.


Coal burn repair.


Iron burn carpet repair 


How to fix carpet burn.

Carpet Doctor provide a cost effective carpet burn repair service.