Carpet cleaning Tamworth

Carpet cleaning Tamworth.

Carpet cleaning  

Welcome to Carpet Doctor, your local independant carpet cleaning & repairing service in Tamworth.

Why replace your favourite trusty old faithful carpet when you can have it cleaned by Carpet Doctor in Tamworth Staffs.


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Established 1995, Carpet Doctor offers you a speedy and efficient carpet cleaning service in Tamworth.

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This rather unique local service includes cleaning, re-stretching and repairing carpets in and around all areas of Tamworth. Removing stubborn stains before the clean is of paramount importance when providing a professional carpet cleaning service. Carpet Doctor provides a spot and stain remover to test areas for colour fastness before cleaning. Most carpets today are bleach cleanable but it is always best to test a conspicuous area before the clean. Once the minute test is complete and successfull, Carpet Doctor can deep-clean the area and bring an old carpet back to life with a new sheen with a fresh aroma and dry within minutes of service.

Tamworth based company Carpet Doctor is your local one stop shop for carpet cleaning, re-stretching and repairing. If it's a new or old carpet that needs cleaning and repairing to help successfully check out of a rented property, then Carpet Doctor is just one click away to provide you with a happy friendly service.

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